Killer Tip- Make yourself an authority with this Method!

I’m very thankful for all friends and acquaintances that’s contributed to my growth both directly and indirectly.
And so I want to share and for all of us to bask in success together. I truly believe that we can ALL succeed. Not just the ones who have MBAs. Not just the ones who are born into millionaire families. Not just the ones who scored top grades in school.
But all of us.

Here’s a turbocharged tip that can help you, if you wish to become an authority, or influential and an expert in your chosen industry.

It works no matter if you are a salesperson, a tuition centre owner, an insurance agent, a property agent, a business owner of any sorts, ANYTHING.

It is the power of a BOOK.

Because when you are an author of a real physical book (not those ebooks), people take you more seriously. Most people still think that being an author is the hardest thing to be or to achieve.
Well, I have published 3 books of my own, and I want to share this so that more of my friends here will also join the Authors Ranks and be Experts too.


Step 1: Write out your book on MS Word.
Step 2: Hire someone on to make sure the alignment, sentence structures, grammar, etc are fine.
Step 3: Upload the PDF to or
These are print-on-demand publishers, which means that you can print ONE book at a time if you so wish. Gone are the days of begging publishers to print your books.
Step 4: You are required to also upload a book cover, spine, and back graphics. For this, I pay someone on Odesk $50 flat. And got decent graphics.
Step 5: You can purchase an ISBN code for really cheap on createspace, and then proceed to order copies. Minimum copies? ONE. Just one.

The EASIER WAY (with some pros and cons)
Step 1: Get someone to interview you on some topics. Record it.
Step 2: Get someone on to transcribe the audio
Step 3: Get someone on odesk or any other freelancer sites to take the transcription, and ghost-write the book for you. Ghostwriters are people who can write books for you, simply put.
Step 4: Publish it on createspace or lulu

Step 1: Approach experts in your industry. Ask them to contribute one chapter each.
Step 2: Compile all their chapters into a 10 chapter book.
Step 3: After each of their chapters, simply provide a chapter of your own for commentary.
Step 4: Upload and publish the book.
Step 5: Now, you have a book with your name on it, with you as an overarching authority because you have 10 experts in YOUR book, no less.
I believe a book makes you more credible.
I believe in making business simple. Above are 3 simple ways to get started.
In the next posts, I am going to reveal on what you can do with the books once you have launched it for MAXIMUM effect and monetization. Only god knows how many authors I know who are struggling financially. The secret sauce is in learning HOW to market your books!

P.S: If you like this tip,and want the followup tip on how to market your book for maximum effect, I hope that you can share it so that others too, can join us in the Author Ranks (Don’t be selfish!) – If we get enough shares, I will then post next tips in return for your abundant mindset.

By Imran Ali

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