Nokia Create: An Application Challenge For Windows Phone Developers

download (2) Here is the opportunity so many developers worldwide have been waiting for especially the Windows phone developers. An application challenge, tagged “Nokia Create”, started 12th September for Nokia’s Window phone.

Lets get our apps rolling into the Windows phone store, because there are lot of prizes to be won. There are 14 missions, 8 categories and about 141 winners. The Grand winner will get an all-paid expenses trip to the Mobile World Congress 2014 for two people and also other prizes attached to the category he/she submits for. Like wise for each category there will be top winners and prizes will be awarded according.

The 8 categories to develop for includes:

  •  Image & Photo
  • NFC
  • Maps & Places
  • Music
  • Cross-8
  • Fun & Games
  • Work Life
  • Freestyle

There are six Mini Missions which allow developers to add additional features to existing apps while the eight Master Missions calls for new application for the Windows phone.

The Mini Missions submission date is September 30th, while for Master Missions submission closes December 15, 2013.

For more details on Nokia Create, visit:

Don’t let this opportunity slip by you, make good use of it. Cheers

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