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Activities Online That Can Keep You Unemployed

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UnemploymentIt has been observed that most people are always online especially those looking for a way to make ends meet. Also these unemployed people are found mostly on the social sites and has it is a general phenomenon, any information about a person can be easily gotten via the internet especially form social sites.

Social media like facebook, twitter, whatsapp is a place where friends could communicate, share pictures and so on. A friend could share an embarrassing picture with you on facebook which goes live to everyone.

According to a survey carried out by Jobvite  on companies it was found out that 40% of the companies reconsider their applicants based on the content of their of their social profiles. So if you as a person has some funny pictures that doesn’t represent you well or depict you are competent enough, then you may not be employed.

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For example if a person’s profile is checked on the social site, and they saw pictures of drug addicts/a nude person. The person won’t be considered for employment due to this. Though its not only pictures that is been checked out for, posts in form of texts are also looked into.

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Here are some list of the things that employers could check out for in your profile on social sites:

  • Illegal drug use
  • Posts/tweets of sexual nature
  • Profanity
  • Spelling/grammar errors
  • References to guns
  • Pictures of alcohol consumption.

To avoid been unemployed for a long time, remove all pictures that doesn’t depict a good personality, remove friends that put in embarrassing post (pictures or text). Check out for positive and innovative posts (pictures/text) to add to your page, this would build your competency and give you an higher chance in getting employed.

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