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An Overview of Supply Chain Management

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supply_chain_diagramStock outs and overstocking, both can be fatal for a business and both show lack of sound business decision and understanding of market. While frequent stock outs can lead to disgruntle customer, overstocking means wastage of valuable resources. Both increases cost and lowers profit.

A business needs a proper outlook to supply chain management to operate more efficiently.  Modern businesses are more prone to changing market dynamics for sustainability. But keeping abreast with constantly changing market conditionis difficult and stressful. Moreover, there are chances of getting only partial picture of the entire situation.

Integrated economy has made supply chain management a complex process comprising different aspects of production planning and scheduling. Leakage in supply chain increases overall cost of production and affects profit. Production planning, as a part of supply chain management, allows businesses to anticipate changes in demand parameters to meet future business requirements more efficiently.

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Supply chain consultation is a part of business forecasting.  Demand forecasting is a process to help businesses predict future changes in demand for a product, determining right time fornew product development and launching, and scheduling production plan accordingly.

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Business forecasting addresses issues like understanding of business cycle, total cost of sales and inventory management. However, forecasting is far from ad hoc guesses based on one’s gut feelings. Today’s context doesn’t allow businesses to leave much on probabilities. They must be sure and fully knowledgeable about their current situation to base their predictions on it.

Demand forecasting software collaborates and analyse current data and past experience to predict future growth in demand. It often integrates with other enterprise applications such as – ERP, supply chain management application to present a more complete picture before the management.

Business forecasting applies statistical methods in analyzing current trends to predict future changes in demand. In order to be comprehensive, forecasting requires the forecaster to employ sound judgment in drawing inference from statistical analysis of production data.

Advance business forecasting software is loaded with features and statistical tools to apply analysis to data; capable of performing judgmental or qualitative analysis along with quantitative analysis. The following intuitive judgmental forecasting methods are applied in analyzing information on software system.

  • Surveys

  • Delphi method

  • Indicator Approach Method

  • Econometric method

Time series or quantitative analysis is applied in determining any pattern in changes in demand to be exploitedin future. The following methods are used in determining time series.

  • Moving average

  • Exponential smoothing

  • Box-Jenkins

The objective is to improve forecast accuracy for better managerial decision.

Supply chain consultation

Supply chain consultation services offers technical know-how, implementation and training solutions to organizations to leverage full potential of a business forecasting tool. Exclusive services from supply chain management Australia has helped many native businesses in streamlining and automating business process and forecasting method.

Supply chain management Australia helps in customizing software solution according to your business requirements and let you address issues such as – improper production planning, poor inventory management, poor data integrity, and more and offers greater insight on business operation.


Author Bio:  Robert S.  is associated as a consultant with, supply chain management Australia, offering business improvement solutions and business forecasting tools consultation to organizations.


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