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Please pay me my money! Yes, You Reading This!

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pay-me-my-money-palm-outstretchedPlease pay me my money!

Yes, here’s a toast to the billions we’d make from the billions of people that owe me. And that includes you! Lol……..


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We are coming for your money…

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Yes, you owe me, and you’d pay if the services or product provided can be of value worth paying for and if it only can provide a service or solution you need. It’s the game of Money, Business and Wealth.  Stop “dulling”. It’s just how it works.

We’re all “magas”, we’ve been paying. From Gangnam style’s 1 billionth YouTube views you were a part of to the 1 billionth bottle of Coca Cola, some of which you drank that was sold about a billion milli seconds ago…

From the billions of Dangote he makes from us buying sugar and living in a house built by his cement, to the billions we’ve spent on buying Gala and indomie.


Look through 7 billion people and you’d realize that everyone has something to sell and something to protect. Life is like business. And this business is like a peaceful war, the enemy is the competitor and the battlefield is the market. We are all soldiers.

The blunt fact is that not everyone will succeed, not everyone can make it. And in making it, some will be victors and others will be victims. The difference between the victors and the victims is nothing but the thought patterns, our reactions to situations, processes, influences and the people we have.

‘The steps, principles and secret of growth in business, an organization or an idea is learnable’

Start today by investing your pocket in your brain and your future.



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