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Quick Guide on How to Make a Living in Australia

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Apart from visiting the golden beaches, the mysterious wildlife, or the fascinating landscapes, there are many travellers who visit Australia to hunt for job opportunities. What they must remember that they would be now hunting jobs in a totally new country and not at home.

They need to change the mindsets accordingly, expand their interests, activities, and knowledge based on the native culture, look for options that they never had before, work late, and be prepared to put in some real hard work.

Before all that, you need to get your standard working holiday visa to be able to enter Australia for further prospects. You need an ETA Visa for work that will allow you to work for not more than six months at a time with one employer. You simply need to apply on and the Visa will be electronically linked to your passport without the intervention of any officer or without any stamp on your passport.

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Once you are done with the Visa, make sure that you set up a bank account and get the tax file number for a hassle free working experience in Australia. Now talking about finding a job in Australia, let’s see how to make that possible.

Dig information out from the hostel

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Hostels hide a bonanza of information related to job prospects in the country and so, minting the cash cow is the best thing to do. Almost all hostels in a big city post new job requirements on a noticeboard for those occasional or one-time job opportunities.

The bigger hostel names like YHA or Nomads have dedicated staff working on finding new job openings for you. Moreover, you can also find employment as a front desk or as a cleaner in the hostels themselves.

Follow the rules

Prepare yourself in advance with the rules followed in Australia and perhaps even get yourself one of the licenses that will give you an edge to your job hunt before you land in the country.

For instance, if it’s a position in a bar, or anywhere where alcohol is served you can get yourself pre-trained in RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol). Get yourself trained online before you head over to the country and this is valid for all states except Tasmania.

Find a farm job

Although many travellers look for a farm job in Australia, it does not come that easily if you thought. Considering that majority of the travellers looking for far jobs, it becomes challenging to find legitimate employers.

You can check out the websites that are solely dedicated to farm jobs like, the Harvest Trail offered by the Australian Government. This website posts job opportunities frequently. However, make sure that the job is legitimitate before you go for it.

Travel jobs

While your travelling nature may not appease many employers, it can well turn out to be you be a positive point for you. There are many who look for people with travelling experience or who are completely on the go like, travel agencies, hostels, and the tour groups. Peter Pans is one such travel agency that offer some wonderful opportunities as sales staff for those with a penchant for travel.

Temporary staff requirements

Seasonal work is quite popular in Australia like during the Christmas when lots of states look for temporary staff. Here they are more likely to hire a traveller since the natives usually head to home for vacation. You can try looking for such opportunities at Gumtree that features job openings for shop assistants, etc.

If you are planning for that next trip to Australia, you may as well end up with a periodic job that can help you earn those added bucks while you have fun. So, go get your working holiday Visa from and start with your adventure.

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