How to Get Ranked #1 in Google

How-to-Get-Website-Top-on-Google-Search-ResultJust a few months ago Google released yet another algorithm update called, “Penguin 2.0.”  Right after the update, I spoke to one very distraught business owner who I sensed was on a verge of tears.  She was pleading with me for help because she, “did nothing wrong” and she, “had no idea Google was going to kick her out of the results for investing in SEO!”

I felt awful.  And unfortunately these types of calls are becoming more and more frequent as Google rolls out a new update almost monthly.

Over the past year Google has effectively declared war on “old school” SEO. And I’ve been predicting all year many SEO tactics would stop working and even start hurting your Google rankings.

The “Penguin 2.0” update in May 2013 was just another assault in Google’s long battle to remove websites not worthy of ranking on the first page of

So if you (or your SEO Company) are following what I call “old school” SEO tactics, then consider yourself warned.  Your rankings and traffic will soon be gone (if they aren’t already).

The Secret To Rank #1 in Google?

The secret to long-term success with SEO is to partner with Google.

Google is not shy about their mission.  They want to provide the absolute best experience for their users.  If they fail, then their users will go to another search engine like Yahoo or Bing, and Google will lose advertising revenue.  Google is a business, after all, and they need to make sure their users continue to turn to to find solutions to their problems (and continue to click on ads to generate revenue for Google).

That’s why you must shift your mindset from trying to trick Google, to partnering with them.  That’s the only way to succeed long-term with SEO.

How to Partner with Google

You’re probably wondering, “What does it mean to partner with Google?”

By partnering with Google, I mean providing Google’s users with accurate, up-to-date information, the best answers to their questions, and real solutions to their problems.  If you can do that, then you’re well on your way to ranking #1.

The first step is to select the right keyword phrases.

Instead of going after hundreds of keyword opportunities at once, start by focusing on the 1 to 10 (max) very best keyword opportunities for your particular business.

Answer this question honestly: which keywords do you really deserve to rank for?

And then, create the webpage you would want to find at the #1 spot if you were the one searching for your keywords.

Think: What would best satisfy the user and make sure she’s happy with your webpage?

Remember, if Google’s users are not happy with your website, then you’re literally a threat to Google’s business, and it’s only a matter of time before Google moves you down in the search results.

What Does This Mean For You?

If you want to secure and maintain top rankings in Google over the long term, then you can’t rely on “old school” SEO tactics. Instead you need to partner with Google – and provide the best possible search results for their users.

As long as you position your website to be a partner in-line with Google’s mission to provide the best, most relevant information, then you have nothing to worry about when Google rolls out its next big algorithm update.

Remember: with change, comes great opportunity… and NOW is a great time to secure top rankings, so you start attracting more leads and customers to your business!

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