How to Make Your Resume Socially Savvy

You must have come across various articles and posts on how to prepare a perfect resume format, or what information should be included. This article throws light on a different, but an important aspect of successfully presenting your resume. It is about how to make your resume socially enabled and more presentable to the employers. Read on to know more.

While you take care about how perfect your CV format looks and what are the important details to be included in it, there is another important thing that needs your attention in your job search. Nowadays, when every next employer is socially active, a socially enabled CV plays a crucial role in gaining the recruiter’s attention.

In present competitive world, the hiring companies are more interested in knowing how you present yourself socially and what others say about you. Here are some tips on how to make your resume or job application socially savvy:

Use LinkedIn

Social networking websites are becoming the new recruitment tools. Hence, it is beneficial to have presence on popular sites like LinkedIn. So, those who are still not on LinkedIn, start using it. The job seekers who have their profiles on LinkedIn should make it public to allow others to search it. However, it is important to clean up the profile to communicate your personality properly. Do not forget to include a link to LinkedIn profile on your job application.

Maintain Your Facebook Posts

Using Facebook is another important way to make your resume socially savvy. However, it is imperative to check the pictures you have shared on Facebook. Remove any content or picture that is not digitally suitable. Most of the recruiters check the job applicant’s Facebook profile to gauge their personality and also references mentioned on their resume. It is, therefore crucial to check all the details on your profile before applying for any job.

Attach YouTube link

When you are applying for a job in a creative field like web designing or any other innovative field, you can add credentials to your resume by attaching a tube link of your creative work or adventurous hobby like scuba diving. All you need to do is just create a video, which demonstrates your skills and personality. At last, attach the You Tube link to your resume.

Create a Quick Reader Code

You can also create a Quick Reader Code (QR) to be linked in your resume. For doing this, it is important to create your own blog. QR code can be easily mentioned in your business card or email signature. All you need to do is generate a QR code for any URL by using service like QuickQR.

Tweet Your Resume

You can creatively turn your resume or job application into an interactive communication by using TweetResume. It allows the user to embed tweets into a presentable word document. Whenever the word document is opened, it needs the user to be online for tweets. This is one of the most promising methods to make your resume socially available as almost all the people or recruiters across the globe are active on online social networks. So, a tweet resume not only increases your visibility, but also the changes of getting your desired job.

In this social media networking active society, networking sites like Facebook, Tweeter and LinkedIn are actually emerging as a new age hiring tools. To take the advantage of this opportunity, it is always advisable to create a socially savvy resume and see the quick results in your job search.

So, happy job hunt!

Swati Srivastava is a professional writer who writes for various education and career websites. Her articles provide useful tips to the readers about resume format, interview tips, career change opportunities and other interesting topics.


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