I will be teaching how to buy properties in the US for between $1000 and $5000 – Tim Johnson

TIM R JOHNSONAhead of the 1st African Internet Business Summit taking place in in November, Business-Matter.com caught up with Tim Johnson, one of the speakers of the event, to find out a bit more about his experiences and focus at the summit.

Can we meet you sir?

I am Tim Johnson, known as the “Rehab Expert”. I started off in the trades in Pennsylvania and Georgia in 1991, and now include Chicago in my real estate realm. I’ve done both commercial and residential deals, working on over 4,000 properties over the last 20 years.

Can you tell us what participants should expect to learn and benefit from you at the Africa Internet business summit?

How to buy properties in the US for between $1000 and $5000. Learn how to find them, finance them, fix them and flip them for a profit. As seen on TV, I am the King of Cheap where I teach people how to buy materials and real estate for pennies on the dollar.

How to drive traffic to build an investor list in mobile marketing.

What do you think are the top 3 major trends affecting Internet Marketing?

Text tours, mobile marketing and webinars are the keys to success.

What challenges can a beginner face when starting an online business what are the possible ways to overcome

Not having the experience and knowledge on where to begin. Not having the education on how to start an online business. Not choosing the right mentor.

Overcome these challenges by finding the right mentor. Seek training and education. Join a mastermind to associate yourself with those who can guide you.

Do you think Africa is a good place for starting an online business?

Yes. It’s a new market. The sky’s the limit on opportunities.
What’s your general perspective about Nigeria?
Nigeria has a huge interest in wanting to reach out for the education necessary to help its people grow and be successful.

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