6 Ways To Cultivate a Better Customer Relationship

customer-serviceIn any business, customer’s views is always needed for a business to move forward. Customer Relationship is a strategy used by businesses to know how best their services or products have benefited the customers. Through the views gotten from customers helps businesses know how best to make the services and products better for the customers.

Here are some steps a business owner can take to help cultivate a better customer relationship with their customers.

1. Happy Customers will surely Return To Patronise Your Business:
When you make and keep customers happy, then customers will always want to come back to patronise your products or require for your services. Happy customers will recommend to your services or products to others – their family, friends, and colleagues.

2. Set and Manage Realistic Expectations:
Business owners must be able to provide customers and clients with realistic expectations. Alexandre Winter, an Entrepreneur said that, “The worst you can do is disappoint your users or customers. You might think you will sound lame if you under-promise, but you will never regret it”.

It’s better to under-promise and then over-delivering is preferable to customers than promising them something unrealistic that you end up not been able deliver.

3. Be a Connector:
When you meet a customer the first time, the first question that comes to your mind is “What can I do for this person”. Once you can figure out what the person needs, then you can be able to connect to the needs of your customers. These connections will pay dividends to business owners for decades.

4. Document important Customer information:
Important details of customers (names, birthdays, kid’s names and other relevant information) should be kept by business owners. Customers should also be sent greeting cards or personal notes at least once a year.

5. Respond Promptly:
Responding early to customers inquires, feedback or comments leaves a lasting impact on these customers.

6. Do Things regularly to improve your workplace:
It does not need to be something too expensive, you could get chocolates, sweets, biro or something really small once a while and put at the receptionist desk, so that everyone has access to it, both staffs and customers. This actually will give customers a sense of been welcomed into the organisation.

There is a common saying by most people that “customers are always right”. So let all business owners have this at the back of their mind and make their customer relationship a better one with the above steps.

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