Choosing the perfect marketing agency – it is not just about the money

Most businesses, if everything is going as planned and if they are being smart about further development, will need to hire a marketing agency of some kind to do at least some marketing for them. Without good marketing, the business can grow only so much and for new clients and customers, you will need to employ it.

Choosing the perfect marketing agency is not only about the money you will spend on it; it is not even about how many marketing gigs and campaigns they have done in the past. It is also about them understanding what you want and what you need and about them finding out ways to approach your needs in a way that will produce results. So, how do you find such a marketing agency?

Asking around

The first step in finding the perfect marketing agency for your needs should always be asking around. If you know other business owners who have had success with their marketing campaigns and other experiences, ask them if they have someone they would recommend. Check what you can find online; see who got the awards in the last year or so. Ask around, dig around, check online and offline.

Preliminary cuts

Not every marketing agency you hear about during your asking around phase is going to be as good as they claim to be. You need to start digging deeper and finding out more about the agencies that have caught your eye. Be careful about any red flags that may rise up during your investigations. For instance, if they are charging way less than others, this may be a sign that they are not that great. Or that they are brand fresh which does not have to be a bad thing. If they are charging too much; well you are no one’s fool.

Make the initial contact

The initial contact is extremely important. From the first moment you need to know that these are people who are taking every job seriously and who are dedicated to what they do. If you find that they are blowing you off for big clients or that they are letting someone who knows nothing about their job talk to you. You will also find out a lot about them from the questions that they ask you about your wants and goals.

Sit down and talk with them

This meeting is going to make or break your relationship with the marketing agency. This is where you will find out whether they understand what your business is about and what you are hoping to achieve with your new marketing undertaking. You need to feel that connection that will allow them to do their job the right way and that will ultimately lead to results that will benefit your business. Truly great marketing consultants will ask questions about your business and the industry; they will come up with ideas straight away.

Keep in touch

For truly best results, it is essential that you remain in contact with your marketing agency, that you follow their work and evaluate the results. If you come up with an idea that might help them do their job better, talk to them, see what they think about the idea. Be available to them at all times and if they need some help from you, be sure to give it to them.



AUTHOR: James Burbank has years of extensive experience in offline and online marketing alike. He is currently blogging on all matters business and marketing and he is always open to new findings. You can find him on Twitter too – @JBurbank2019


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