Frequently Asked Questions about Opening a Paypal Account in Nigeria

Few days ago, we broke the news of Paypal opening their doors to the Nigeria market as well as 10 other new countries that have been blacklisted for years. The news came with mix reactions to most developers and internet marketers in Nigeria. As of now, you can only make payments, not receive, if you are using a PayPal account opened from Nigeria. The only three countries in Africa that can receive funds are Ethiopia, Kenya and South Africa.

Here are the most Frequently Asked Questions asked by readers of

How Can I Register For A Nigerian PayPal Account?
Just go to and click on Sign Up. Fill the form you will see with all your correct details. Then, verify with your VISA or MasterCard.

What Can I Do With A Nigerian PayPal Account?
You can only pay online on merchant sites where PayPal is required. You can also send funds to accounts that can receive funds.

Since I Can’t Receive Funds, How Can I Fund My Nigerian PayPal Account?
If you open account as a Nigerian, you will be required to verify it with a VISA or MasterCard (Verve cards are not eligible) from local banks in Nigeria. Once verified, the card used becomes your PayPal account funding source.

Whenever you want to buy anything online or send funds to someone, PayPal will directly deduct the amount from your card INSTANTLY. Please, note that this not funding. It is deduction from your card.

The only way you can fund a Nigerian PayPal account is when you linked it with a functional USA bank account. You just upload funds to your PayPal account directly from your USA bank account.

I have A USA PayPal Account. Does It Mean I Can Now Use Nigerian IP To Access It?
No, it doesn’t give you such privilege. If you use Nigerian IP on your USA or other country PayPal account, it will be limited before your very eyes.

So, continue with the instructions you received to operate your other country PayPal account. Always clear cookies and cache after using your Nigerian PayPal account before proceeding to the next account.

Can I Sell Online With Nigerian PayPal Account?
For now, you can’t since it does not receive funds at the moment.

I Want To Sell Online And Get Paid With PayPal, How Can I Go About It Then?
You can talk to us. We will help you get one as we have helped more than 1000 clients since 2010 to get theirs.For more info, send us an email.

I Want To Fund My Non-Nigerian PayPal Account, How Can I Go About It?
Just send us an email to talk to us.

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