Paypal Finally Comes to Nigeria

After many years of blacklisting Nigeria from using their services, world largest payment system, PayPal, the payments unit of eBay Inc, is finally entering the Nigeria market and 10 other new countries that have been blacklisted.

Nigerians can start using the services beginning from Tuesday, 16 July 2014. With just access to the internet and a bank card authorized for Internet transactions, having or opening a paypal account in Nigeria will be very easy. The news that PayPal is extending its services to Nigeria was made known by Rupert Keeley, the executive in charge of the EMEA region of PayPal,  in an interview on Monday.

“PayPal has been going through a period of reinvention, refreshing many of its services to make them easier to use on mobile (phones), allowing us to expand into fast-developing markets.

We think we can give our sellers selling into this market a great deal of reassurance. PayPal does not yet cover peer-to-peer transactions, which allow consumers to send money to other consumers. It has not yet enabled local merchants in the new markets to receive payments, nor is it offering other forms of banking services, he said.

It would be recalled that over 500 people signed a petition few weeks ago on to bring PayPal to Nigeria. About 60 million internet users stand to gain access to PayPal services with this latest development.

Was your view about PayPal in Nigeria? Is it coming at the right time or the wrong time? Are they doing Nigerians favour by extending their services to the Nigeria market or they’ve realised how much they’ve been losing? Share your view below.

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