Google Intends to Build Robots

For the past half year, Google has been purchasing robotics companies secretly. This was made known to the public by Google on Wednesday, 4th December, 2013.

Google has declared its intentions to start building robots for its own use not for the consumers. The robots will be majorly used for retail of their Google’s products, that is delivering products to consumers. This innovation was actually brought out to compete with Amazon’s new drones idea. Amazon also intend using drones for its delivery services.

Google’s executives said that robotics is the “moonshot” for Google. They also said it is more realistic to make use of robots for delivery than Amazon’s proposed drone delivery service.

Andy Rubin was placed in charged of this project. Andy was the one that handled the project of Google having a device that runs Android Operating system.

The robotics companies acquired by Google include: Autofuss, Bot &Dolly, Holomi, Industrial Perception, Meka Robotics, Redwood Robotics and Schaft.

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