Let’s Get Physical And Tackle Your Office Onus

The onus is on the employer. That’s the phrase that business owners are going to have to get used to because it is undeniably true. You single-handedly wield the power to affect massive change in your business. There’s nowhere that can be better exemplified than in the physical office itself. It has a deeper effect on the corporate culture, the daily life and the results of the business.


From A to B

Creating a more efficient business is always going to be a concern when you’re trying to maximize your return on investment. That is, of course, a key interest for every business. The physical workspace can offer a lot in that regard, too. For one, think shared resources, like a printer or a storeroom. Even improving the size accessibility and choice of routes for different workers can see little instances of time saved turning into a more efficient business. Then there’s the fact that creating different workspaces, such as some geared for privacy and others for group work, can make it a lot easier for your team to focus on different tasks at different times.


Dazzle them with your brilliant wallpaper

When the above is taken into consideration, the path is clear but your people might not be running down it as fast as you would like. Emotional engagement in work is important and the very design and décor of the workplace can have a big impact in that. Office design firms like Design Rock can help you figure out some of the most important parts of a more engaging interior. Whether that means providing more natural light, choosing colors that have a more positive psychological effect or even introducing a green, potted friend for the team.


Home is where the bobblehead is

The individual has a lot to offer their own workspace, too. Get too caught up in controlling employees and branding the workplace and you could miss the benefits that personalizing your workspace has to offer. Beyond being a morale booster, it makes people feel like their workplace is somewhere they belong. It gets them not only more engaged but more invested. It makes them feel less like someone in a job and more like part of the team.

All the other junk

The conditions of the workplace are perhaps the most important part. Not only do services like make the office a safer place to be by clearing up potential tripping hazards. But cluttered and messy workplaces drastically decrease the respect the team will feel for their work environment. After all, you’re not showing them much respect by having them work in a place that no-one would be proud to show off.

Changing the workplace to better fit the work done in it is only one of the ways that your direct influence as a business owner trumps the individual responsibility of your team members. Don’t forget: the onus is on the employer. Tackle every problem with that thought at the front of your mind.


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