Make-up, Women and their Men and Business

Have you ever wondered what the fuss was with make-up and women? I’ve wondered too.

Women are very particular about their looks, and make-up is a vital part of that look. However, that is not the main reason. I’m sure you know that already. Men, even if 90% of women would never agree or accept, are the principal reasons they go through all the stress of looking good.

Packaging is everything. No man, ‘spiritual or carnal’ will look twice at a woman who is not attractive and appealing to the eyes. Women are the singular weakness known to man from which men can’t resist easily. A man falls for good looks as easily as a woman falls for sweet words.

As a smart entrepreneur, you have to be able to incorporate both features in your business brand. The ability to have an attractive and appealing visual image and the ability to use words creatively to stir up an emotional bond with your target audience.

Like a couple, you have to master the art of copulating both strategies. Your audience has to literally ‘fall in love’ with you and your business. They have to empty their pockets into your bank accounts and justify to themselves, friends and foes alike the reason why you deserve it.

Have you ever seen a man who wants a woman? He is focused on the mission to conquer with subtle strategies. She won’t see him coming. You have to do likewise.

Have an intentional strategy to ‘bed’ your customer. The strategy: woo her, love her, bed her, keep her and do it again. You would never miss your targets, and when next you go out with your ‘friends’ (business associates), you will definitely have successful stories you can boast about, and they can glean from.

Pray tell, do we have any successful tactics we’ve employed in customer engagement and conversion?

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