“The Girl Who Could Not Sneeze” – A New Release from the Publication of StarField Stories

StarField Stories, a  publishing company that publishes inspirational and vivacious children’s books with a wide array of styles, stories and themes, has announced a new release entitled “The Girl Who Could Not Sneeze” by LORD TOPH. “The Girl Who Could Not Sneeze” is one of many literary works created to house resounding tales that capture the eyes and heart of every reader, as well as open prominent avenues in other forms of media (film, audio/visual presentations, illustration touring, etc.).

The book, which is 131 pages long with illustrations, is about a young girl, Icha and her friends in the quiet village of Kimp Pu, who turns her affliction of not being able to sneeze into an interestingly experimental discovery for her friends, her Aunt Jin, and even herself.

Though sneezing may not be an important thing to do for many, it is for Icha. This is mainly because she doesn’t know how, and is not sure if she ever has sneezed!

So, in a span of only few days, Icha expands her horizons there, on the small island of Kimp Pu by daring to do something unusual to drum up a good sneeze. With the help of her loving aunt, and closest friends, Icha comes up with a good plan. When the sneeze campaign begins, Icha, her aunt and good friends, each get to see the strangest things and share a few good laughs. But it doesn’t stop there. They each learn a few valuable lessons, share the joy of festivities, fair-heartedness, the importance of friendship, and winning in the end.

The Girl Who Could Not Sneeze” by LORD TOPH is a very interesting literary work and a must read for literature lovers. The book is available in Kindle & Paperback. For more information about this book, and other books from  StarField Stories, visit www.starfieldstories.com

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